Meet The Startup: Memphis Company is Like ‘Siri Meets Real Estate’

CEO Jameelah Jordan describes Mozak

CEO Jameelah Jordan describes Mozak

by Moxye Staff Articles powered by MOXYE

Think “Siri meets real estate.”

That’s how CEO Jameelah Jordan describes Mozak. The Memphis-based startup is an artificial intelligence driven, voice-controlled virtual office that connects real estate agents to a virtual assistant.

Mozak populates tasks and sends it to a virtual assistant to complete, and every client gets their own individual dashboard in which to track each step. The program manages workflow and critical documents, and the company says it can reduce real estate agents’ workload by 40 percent by assisting with administrative tasks.

Jordan said Mozak differs from its competitors because it provides both software and virtual assistance instead of just one of the two.

At the 2017 Demo Day, Jordan announced that Mozak had signed its first enterprise agency, First National Realty, who agreed to onboard 100 agents to the platform.

Mozak’s team includes co-founder Kevin P. Jordan.

Nathan Dillard